MIME Browser

MIME Browser is a compact JavaFX desktop application for browsing MIME messages that are locally stored in standard EML files. MIME Browser is © 2013–2018 by Christoph Nahr but available for free download under the MIT license.

Aside from my own code, MIME Browser also includes the JavaMail library and the JavaBeans Activation Framework to parse MIME messages, and Dave Gandy’s Font Awesome for user interface icons.


MIME Browser requires Java SE 9.0.4 or later with JavaFX. See the following for more information:

  • The ReadMe file contains usage information and the copyright notice.
  • The WhatsNew file contains the annotated version history of the project.

Copies of the ReadMe & WhatsNew files are included with both download packages. The following screenshot shows MIME Browser in action. The ReadMe file explains the various displays and controls. (The email shown is my own because I’m not at liberty to publish anyone else’s mail in a screenshot!)

MIME Browser

Important — JavaFX is no longer included in Java SE 11 or later, so MIME Browser won’t work there. I am currently rewriting all my JavaFX application to use AWT/Swing instead which is still included. See here for more information.

Download Files

  • Binary & Source Package: version 1.3.5, released on 28 January 2018

Binary PackageMimeBrowser.zip (848 KB, ZIP archive)

MIME Browser requires no installation. Simply extract the contents to any directory of your liking, then study the enclosed ReadMe file for further instructions.

Source PackageMimeBrowserSource.zip (1.28 MB)

You need IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.3 and Oracle JDK 9.0.4 to load the included project files. The source package also contains a prebuilt Javadoc class reference.

To help understand the source code, an overview diagram (54.4 KB, PDF) visualizes how the central classes interact. This diagram was created with Class Diagrammer, as described in the ReadMe file.